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In this section you will find the datasheets for several components used in the Atari computer.


General Information

Much as SIMMs are specified using a "depth x width" notation, the individual DRAM chips are as well. There are DRAM chips of various sizes available on the market, which have different depths and widths as well, and a SIMM can be made up (in general) of any combination of DRAM chips that adds up to the proper depth and width. For example, a 1x9 30-pin 1 MB parity SIMM is typically made up of either 9 1Mx1 DRAMs, or 2 1Mx4 DRAMs plus 1 1Mx1. In both cases, the total memory is the same: 1Mx9. Some of the information comes from here

This table shows common DRAM manufacturers


Code on First-Quality Chips


MB plus stylized "F"


Hitachi HM plus Hitachi logo
Hyundai HY
Micron MT
Mitsubishi M5M plus Mitsubishi logo
Motorola MCM plus Motorola logo
Oki Oki M5
Samsung KM or SEC
Texas Instruments TI or TMS
Toshiba TC or TOSHIBA

The following table shows the different sizes of DRAM chips commonly used in memory modules, and the different bit widths that each size is typically available in. For each one, the configuration of the chip is shown (depth x width) and then in parentheses, the most commonly found last four digits of the part number found on the chip:

DRAM Size in MegaBITS

1 Bit Width

4 Bit Width

8 Bit Width

16 Bit Width

0.25 Mbits (256 Kbits)

256Kx1 (256 or 1256)




1 Mbits

1Mx1 (1000 or 1024)

256Kx4 (4256)



4 Mbits

4Mx1 (4000 or 4100)

1Mx4 (4400 or 4001)

512Kx8 (4800 or 8512)

256Kx16 (4260)

16 Mbits

16Mx1 (6100 or 7100)

4Mx4 (6400 or 7400)

2Mx8 (7800 or 2100)

1Mx16 (6160, 7160 or 8160)

64 Mbits


16Mx4 (!?)

8Mx8 (4800 or 6000)

4Mx16 (!?)


Part Number = MT1259-12
Manufacturer Name = Micron Technology
Description = General Purpose Dynamic RAM - TTL Compatible I/O
Number of Words = 256k
Bits Per Word = 1
t(acc) Max. (S) = 120n
tW Min (S) = 230n
Output Config = 3-State
P(D) Max.(W) Power Dissipation = 150m
Nom. Supp (V) = 5.0
Package = DIP
Pins = 16
Military = N
Technology = NMOS


Part Number = MB81256-12
Manufacturer Name = Fujitsu
Description = General Purpose Dynamic RAM - Page Mode
Number of Words = 256k
Bits Per Word = 1
t(acc) Max. (S) = 120n
tW Min (S) = 220n
Output Config = 3-State
P(D) Max.(W) Power Dissipation = 1.0
Nom. Supp (V) = 5.0
Package = DIP
Pins = 16
Military = N
Technology = NMOS


Part Number = TC511000AJ10
Manufacturer Name = Toshiba
Description = General Purpose Dynamic RAM - 512 refresh cycle/8ms
Number of Words = 1M
Bits Per Word = 1
t(acc) Max. (S) = 100n
tW Min (S) = 190n
P(D) Max.(W) Power Dissipation = 330m
Nom. Supp (V) = 5.0
Package = SOJ-20/26
Pins = 26
Military = N
Technology = CMOS


WD177X FD Controller - Data Sheet (zip of gif files), Data Sheet in text format, Programming information in text
BLiTTER (Bit-Block Transfer Processor) - Information
Yamaha YM2149 Software Controlled Sound Generator


NS LM78LXX (voltage regulator used in STE audio) L78L00 (SGS Equivalent)
NS DAC0800 DAC0802 (8 bits DAC used in STE audio)
NS LF147 LF347 (Quad OP AMP used in STE audio)
NS LMC1992 (Digitally Controlled Stereo Tone and Volume circuit used in STE audio)
NS MF4 (Lowpass Filter used in STE audio)


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